From “Postcards from the Future Live” event by Viraj Joshi, at Speculative Futures Rotterdam.

The Event

Speculative Futures Rotterdam, a part of the global Design Futures Initiative, kindly invited me to host a live session featuring my project “Postcards from the Future” on January 12th, 2021.

With the chapter host, Karolina Thakker, I came up with a two part event: the first half talking about what values futures-thinking in all its forms may add to our disposition as creative professionals (and as people!); and the latter half crowdsourcing and building the idea for the 31st Postcard from the Future.

Animal Crossing meets Fjord Trends 2021

Hidden in Nintendo’s utterly charming digital diorama are great decisions around humanising data!

Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Nintendo’s life-simulator game places the player’s avatar on a remote deserted island.

Speculative Design

A case for dreaming alternate realities with design

The Doohickey, A Speculative Tech Fiction Film.

We live in a world full of complex, shapeless technology, that has far-reaching effects on our daily lives. Artificial intelligence and digital assistants have found their way to phones, speakers and even bits of our houses. Yet, it is only the big tech companies which dictate the future of these crucial technologies.

In order to use intangible and unprecedented emerging technologies in meaningful, exciting, and ethical ways, we must look at them through a human-centred lens. …

Viraj Joshi

Designer, Technologist, Futurist • • Currently: Fjord Stockholm • MA Royal College of Art • MSc Imperial College London

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